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13 Oct



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    ALDO, Montréal’s go-to store for trendy shoes, staged a rockin’ “champagne preview” on October 10, 2012, to kick-start ten days of events and activities in celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary…

    The stylish party with well-heeled guest list was held in the brand new flagship store on Montréal’s main shopping drag, Sainte-Catherine Street West. International in scope (there are 1,600 ALDO stores in 80 countries), the brand’s “first step” was here in Montréal where the family-owned business still calls home. And what better way to honour the forty-year milestone than with traditional rubies? Certain lucky ladies (myself included) were bestowed with collectible ruby-red pumps pimped out with 5,000 crystals. As I mingled with the who’s who crowd and clicked my limited edition heels with pride, I couldn’t help but channel Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like Montréal.”

    ALDO‘s flagship store (and party central until October 20) is at 1007 Sainte-Catherine Street West. And make sure to check out ALDO40, a dedicated website that details all of ALDO’s 40th anniversary plans.

    And, if you live in Quebec or Ontario, don’t miss your chance to win an incredible weekend in Montreal that features some pretty sweet Aldo swag.


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