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25 Aug

Black Mountain at the Waldorf

There are rock stars, and then there are hard-working musicians. The main difference between the two is ego. Here in Vancouver, we’ve been known to breed a good number of both types, but it’s the latter category that Black Mountain fall into. The five-piece hard rock band is arguably one of the biggest indie bands to hail from Vancouver in recent times – yet you’d be hard-pressed to know the members by name. They’re not in it for the fame. They’re in it for the music.

Since releasing their first self-titled album in 2005, they’ve been playing international festivals and touring the world non-stop. (Career highlights: Coldplay personally requested that they be the opening band on their Twisted Logic tour and they contributed a song to the Spiderman soundtrack.)

Their sound is described as psychedelic hard rock, with heavy comparisons to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. But true fans know their music encompasses aspects of Vancouver that makes us – and the music to come out of here – unique: It’s laid-back and mind-altering but edgy and colossal in scope.

On Saturday,  August 25th, Black Mountain are headlining their own outdoor concert festival at the Waldorf. Joining them are local favourites Ladyhawk (who frequently tour with the band), Basketball, Toronto’s Quest for Fire and Von Bingen.

It’s the perfect opportunity to catch these low-key – yet hard rocking – hometown heroes in their element.  And on their home turf.

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