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23 Aug

Whistler Writers! Creative Coaster Composition Competition

The Whistler Readers and Writers Festival proudly presents Whistler’s first ever alcohol-induced literary frenzy, with proceeds directly benefitting the Whistler Writer’s Festival.

A measly $12 includes a burger, a beer, some great entertainment, and a chance to win big!!!

  • The Assignment: Compose a piece of proper prose, a bubbly blurb, a rambling rap, a mini-masterpiece, a pithy poem, a touching tome, a ditty, a doodle or a diatribe that could fit on the average coaster (max 500 words)
  • The Catch: Somewhere in the piece there must be a reference—either thematically or tangentially—to a coaster. (A beermat? A person who lives by the sea? One who coasts? Doesn’t matter. We ain’t picky.)
  • The Reward: Winners receive some tasty libations. We have gathered a stash from our generous sponsors and unwitting friends. And we’re even giving some of it away!

The Details:

Whistler Brewery in Function Junction

Tuesday, Sept 11, 6:30 pm.

Readings begin at 8:00.

NB: You can come prepared or write it on the night

  • The Judging: Winning Coaster Compositions are based on Audience Response-O-Meter. Participants must read their own work.

All proceeds support the Whistler Writers Festival, which runs October 12-14, 2012. For more information check out our website at

(Please note that the Vicious Circle Writers’ Group in no way advocates reckless consumption of alcoholic beverages. We always use coasters.) 

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