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31 Jul

Captured: Hike to Russet Lake via the Musical Bumps

One of my favourite hikes to do in Whistler is the one to the cabin at Russet Lake. Nestled in the shadow of the icon that is Fissile Mountain, the views of the Spearhead Range are spectacular and you travel through alpine meadows over familiar ski touring terrain.

DSCN0533 (Custom)

Black Tusk beckons from the peak of Whistler after stepping off the chair as you begin your hike… a future trip this summer?

DSCN0537 (Custom)

Passing underneath the Symphony Express chair as we make out way to the col between Flute and Piccolo

DSCN0551 (Custom)

Leaving the ski area boundary and entering Garibaldi Provincial Park

DSCN0568 (Custom)

The alpine meadows have just started blooming… get up there before its over!

DSCN0595 (Custom)

What do these remind you of…? Something out of a Dr Seuss book to me.

DSCN0572 (Custom)

Descending the meadows on the backside of Flute.

DSCN0610 (Custom)

Arriving at our destination for the night Russet Lake

DSCN0614 (Custom)

Our view is dominated by Fissile Mountain, close enough to touch.

DSCN0623 (Custom)

Our shelter for the night, enough room to sleep 10+, more in a storm.

DSCN0626 (Custom)

Reflection of the summer snow in the morning light.

DSCN0634 (Custom)

Another reason to do this hike, you are sure to see some marmots.

DSCN0649 (Custom)

Alpine meadow on the flank of cowboy ridge in some nice morning light.





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