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14 Mar

Celebrate Vancouver’s First Macaron Day on March 20, 2012

Macarons at Thierry. Photo: Thierry Cafe

Ready to celebrate Vancouver’s first-ever Macaron Day?

Created four years ago by French pastry chef Pierre Hermes and other members of the Association Relais Desserts to raise money and awareness for various charities, Macaron Day has become an international sensation, with charitable Macaron Days happening everywhere from Paris to New York to Toronto.

This year, thanks to three French maître pâtissiers / ex-pats here in Vancouver—Thierry Busset of Thierry Chocolaterie Pâtisserie Café and David and Catherine Introligator of French Made Baking (81 Kingsway St.)—Vancouver too will know the delight of Macaron Day on March 20. And yes, there will be free macarons!

On March 20, French Made Baking will honour Macaron Day by giving each customer who comes to the shop a free macaron; they will also be collecting donations for the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation via an on-site donation box. So come for the free cookie and give generously!

Also on March 20, Thierry Chocolaterie Pâtisserie Café will celebrate Macaron Day by donating 10% of all macaron sales made that day to the food-sustainability charity Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture. This gives you the perfect excuse to sample a selection of Chef Thierry’s famous macarons, which come in 11 different flavours (including lychee, vanilla, coconut, and chocolate) and are each made with fresh seasonal fruits and local artisanal ingredients.

“We want to celebrate both the joy of this simple pleasure, as well as a great cause,” says Chef Thierry. “We invite all of our friends to drop by the shop and join in the fête.”

So: Vive le Jour du Macaron Vancouver and Bon Appétit!

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