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14 Nov

Celebrate World Vegan Month in Vancouver at These Plant-Based Comfort Food Restaurants

vegan Vancouver comfort food

Image via The Acorn

November is World Vegan Month, and while (full disclosure) I’m not vegan, I am a big fan of Vancouver’s plant-based eateries and their hearty, vegan comfort food options. They are perfect for the chillier November weather, so here are some of Vancouver’s veggie-forward eateries and what to try when you go!


Location: 4298 Main street | Website

Serving delicious, plant-based comfort food with a Mediterranean twist, Chickpea uses mostly organic ingredients and all of their dishes can be made gluten-free.  Inspired by Israeli cuisine, Chickpea is also serving brunch and has a creative cocktail menu.

Dish to try: The Chickpea Experience menu lets you build your meal.

vegan Vancouver comfort food

Image via Chickpea


Location: Various | Website

With three locations in Vancouver, MeeT is Vancouver’s mainstay for affordable and vegan comfort food. There’s a reason the MeeT Burger recently won the award for Best Veggie Burger in the city, and it’s because you won’t miss the meat. (Also, the fries are to die for…) There’s something for everyone and you won’t go home hungry!

Dish to try: I can’t choose one, so here are my favourites: the MeeT Burger, the Lovely Bowl, and the Mac N’ Cheez.

vegan Vancouver restaurant

Image via MeeT


Location: Various | Website

I am not afraid to show some bias and tell you that Nuba is one of my favourite overall restaurants in city. It’s that good. With several locations in unique venues around Vancouver, they are serving hearty and delicious Lebanese food that will fill you up for a day of exploring in the city. Both vegan and meat dishes are offered.

Dish to try: The Najib’s Special plate (which has crispy cauliflower that will blow your mind) or the Falafel plate. 

Nuba Vancouver restaurant

Image via Nuba

The Acorn

Location: 3995 Main Street | Website

Located at the heart of Main Street, The Acorn is an award-winning, vegetable-forward restaurant and bar that The New York Times called “Visually alluring and, more important, delicious” and that CNN named in their “World’s 10 Best Vegetarian Destinations”. Their Instagram feed showcases their daily offerings, and while on the higher end of the price scale, everything is hearty and filling.

Dish to try: Everything. No joke. But if pressed about a cocktail, I’d tell you to try the Whisky Business.

vegan Vancouver restaurant

Image via The Acorn

The Naam

Location: 2724 West 4th Ave | Website

An incredibly popular and well known restaurant in Vancouver, Kitsilano’s The Naam has been around for 50 years and has not gone out of style in any way. Their hearty offerings must be tried, and here’s a secret that’s not really a secret: they are open 24 hours, seven days a week. If you’re staying in the Kitsilano neighbourhood, make sure you visit this Vancouver gem.

Dish to try: Go for brunch. They don’t take reservations, but your meal will be worth the short wait!

naam Vancouver vegetarian vegan

Image via The Naam


Location: 2041 W 4th Ave. | Website

Located on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano, TurF is pulling double duty as both a plant-based eatery and with its popular attached yoga and fitness studio. So you can take a power yoga class or The Class by TT Cardio session and then head next door to grab a smoothie and a hearty TurF bowl. Win-win!

Dish to try: The Farmer’s Harvest bowl with some Sweet Potato Wedges, and the New Green party smothie with a spirulina shot.

Turf vegan comfort food Vancouver

Image via TurF Living

And don’t forget…

South Asian cuisine is known for having some lovely plant-based dishes (I am fan!), so be sure to check out Vancouver’s Indian restaurants!

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