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30 May

Charlie’s Angels All Woman Bike Race

180 women. 2 fun-filled events. 0 testosterone. An all-day affair that celebrates the Sea to Sky riding scene and the incredible women who are a big part of it.

There’s a villain on the loose somewhere out on the trails of Whistler!  And Charlie’s got just the team to solve the case: 240 of the toughest, smartest, most beautiful mountain biking Angels ever.  WORCA is pleased to announce Charlie’s Angels, a two day All-Women All-Mountain Mountain Bike Adventure.  Taking place July 27th and 28th, the event will be comprised of two events: a DH in the Whistler Bike Park and a 20km XC mini-epic around Whistler.  Like Betty vs. Veronica before it, this will be a fun filled team oriented event that celebrates all you gals that like to get dirty!

Read all about it on the WORCA page

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