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6 Aug

Cocktail time at the Botanical Gardens and Planetarium


The Botanical Gardens and Planetarium have made date night into a science, nay an art. If you’re looking to romance someone in a unique way this summer, then check out this date night itinerary featuring flowers, cocktails, and stars…

Start the date in the late afternoon at the Botanical Gardens and walk hand in hand through the stunning International Mosaiculture plant sculpture things, chatting about hopes, dreams, and plans for the future.

Mosaicultures-Montreal-La-Terre-Mere Tapas-4-a-8-au-jardin-Montreal

Once you’ve walked the path through the botanicals, you’ll end up at the entrance of the outdoor restaurant situated in the south west corner of the gardens. From 4-8PM every Thursday-Saturday, they serve cocktails, wine, and beer, along with a delicious tapas menu, while you sit surrounded by the beauty of flowers and fountains. Oh, and there’s a live jazz band. They’re serious about this romance thing.

4-a-8-au-Jardin-botanique-Montreal Tapas restaurant Jardin botanique Montreal Cocktail 4 a 8 au jardin Montreal

After enjoying all that lovely, grab the free shuttle that will take you directly to the Planetarium. Here you can catch the two dome shows. Lay in each others arms in giant beanbags, gazing at the beautiful stars. During the Planetarium dome show, you’ll be transported through space and time, to distant galaxies, around the sun, and back again. You’ll leave with a feeling of wonder and luck that you could share such a beautiful day with someone you’re now falling in love with here on this tiny blue dot in the Milky Way called Earth.



Cocktail time at the Garden, July 4 to September 28, 2013

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