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7 Aug

The Proof: Taylor Loughran

My name is Taylor Loughran.  I have been living in the Sea to Sky Corridor for the past 13 years and I’ve been involved with making films since 2006.  My work is mainly outdoor/ adventure based with a lot of time being spent year round in the mountains either shooting snowboarding or mountain bikes.  When I’m not working I can be found taking photos with my dog (Cheekeye) or shredding bikes in Squamish BC.  To see some of my work search Artbarn.
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The Photos

01  I spent part of July on a shoot up Toba inlet on a boat with mountain bikes looking for new lines to shoot.  The second morning I was copying some shots to a hard drive and this was the office view.
02  While on that same trip.  What was caught on these hooks is what was in our fridge for the week.  Sometimes we ate good … sometimes not so good.
03  The first night on the trip we had a Salmon that we had caught on our way up the coast.  I snapped this photo of Kevin Landry as the sun was going down.
04  The project I was shooting is called Deep6.
05  I like shooting photos of wildlife when ever the opportunity comes up.  This is a seal we found taking a break on a floating log in Toba inlet.
06  Young black bear walking along Highline Rd.
07  After a long time never seeing one, I finally got to shoot some photos of a moose just outside Retllack BC, just under a week ago.
08  I can’t put up some photos without including my best friend and every one’s favorite dog, Cheekeye.

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I used to live in Alta Vista.  Now I call Squamish home.
What do you do and where?
I make movies and shoot photographs.  Mostly I do it in the Sea to Sky Corridor but have had the opportunity to shoot in some unique places.
What are you working on?
Recently I was on a trip up Toba inlet searching for some lines to shoot with mountain bikes. Also in the planning phase for a mountain bike edit for the fall.
Where can we find your work?
You can find it by googling Artbarn or:
INSTAGRAM:  Artbarnfilm

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