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12 Feb

Drinks, dancing and dinner at the Casino de Montréal

Freshness, vitality, reinvention, excitement and confidence – just a few of the things you’d expect to get in any kind of makeover. And for their all-encompassing, 4-year, $305 million makeover, the Casino de Montréal got all of these things in, well, spades…

Completely reimagined gaming and entertainment areas were central to the comprehensive re-conception of the Casino de Montréal, and after that the sky was the limit. Almost literally. For example, located in the very centre of the redesigned Casino, surrounded by three massive mid-air structures supporting relaxation areas, is a 21-metre tall, 48-screen multimedia installation displaying original video content courtesy of Montreal-based light and sound magicians Moment Factory. It’s an immersive sensory experience like no other, and is representative of the meticulous attention to ambiance throughout.


Indeed, atmosphere is key to the re-think. Look no further than the Casino’s new dining areas: four different styles, four different atmospheres. The à la carte resto Le Montréal offers three settings – the atelier du chef, the lounge and the côté urbain – for reinvented classics, as well as an amazing, river-front view of the city skyline. The Pavillon 67 features a gourmet buffet while AJIA boasts a range of flavourful Asian dishes prepared before your eyes. And for those on the go, the L’Instant Deli Pasta counter offers quality quickly.
And three new bars on three separate floors – the Valet de carreau, the Dame de cœur and the Roi de pique – as well as a completely renovated Poker bar (showing card tournaments and major sporting events on several screens) are there for those seeking some libation-based relaxation. The new Casino de Montréal experience includes vastly expanded entertainment possibilities with an emphasis on live entertainment (on the night I went there was a live jazz band, wine tastings and swing dancers on the central stage) and special performance-based events. VIP facilities (including a swanky and discreet private entrance, as well as two very well-appointed, “secret” high-roller rooms), private garden, and improved gaming options (more spacious gaming areas that contain new games to complement the classics) all serve to augment the adventure.

The Casino de Montréal is betting on your good time, and when it comes to that, the odds are stacked in their favour. And currently, until March 31, 2014, the Small Hotels Association of Montreal – a group of 11 independent downtown hotels – is offering an attractive Casino package for your pleasure.



Casino de Montréal, 1 Avenue du Casino, (514) 392-2746
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