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2 Mar

DUSTY'S: Live Show

Keller Williams has built a career on his uncanny ability to captivate a packed house-all by himself. He’s been called a “one-man band.” A “solo cult-hero.” “Music’s mad-scientist.” All of which are clever labels for what seems to be an essential truth: On stage, Keller Williams works alone. For over 150 shows a year, Williams has proven himself to be a master of improvisational performance art. In his one-man show, he pads barefoot from guitar to bass to percussion stations, using looping effects-and enough instruments to stock a strip-mall music store-to layer sound atop sound until the stage swirls with a full-blown composition.

While Keller has made liberal use of technology throughout his career, he knows that musicianship is ultimately a human undertaking. With a seemingly unquenchable thirst for all genres of music -reggae, bluegrass, funk, and-who’d-a-thunk-it-hard rock, Keller never disappoints….Don’t miss him this March in BC !!

Playing 2 Sets Each Night !! March 1st Vancouver March 2nd Whistler


Tickets $25.00 in advance available at, Visitor Center in Whistler Village and the main bar at Dusty’s

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