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3 Aug



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    The DJs spun, the Drag Queens lip-synced, the performers sang and the partiers danced. And we all had a great time doing it. Divers/Cité has come to an extravagant close and, once again, it was a highlight of the entire Montreal festival circuit. Check out some of the greatest moments from Divers/Cité 2011…

    Divers/Cité was once again a cultural hotbed of Music, Art and Performance. The events that stood out to me were MASCARA, Grande Danse and the Grand Bal. All three events attracted thousands of people all having fun together. That’s what Divers/Cité is all about: celebrating diversity and having lots of fun while doing it. Mado once again went above and beyond with the largest drag show on the planet: Mascara! From The Wizard of Oz to Britney Spears, the dancers were en pointe with the costumes, choreography and music. What a spectacular show.

    The Grande Danse and Grand Bal were almost surreal. I got to go backstage and take a peak out into the crowd as a world-renowned DJ’s spun right next to me. This is what I saw:

    It was an absolutely awe-inspiring from that view of tens of thousands of people all dancing under the setting sun. It was pretty powerful stuff that all these people were here to celebrate the message of Divers/Cité. Then we went over the Grand Bal. Which was another experience all together. Watching the band “Funk You” performing was hilarious as it was entertaining. They brought the house down, and I’m extremely jealous of their costumes. The Grand Bal culminated with the jaw-dropping set of Jimmy Moore doing Lady Gaga. She had an egg. She had the freaking egg. The dancing, the costumes, the sets were top notch and was my favourite experience of Divers/Cité over all. This has all gotten me so excited for Fierte Montreal Pride next week!


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