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11 Mar

Inside Edge March Maker Movement Connect!

Thursday March 22, 2012
7PM – 9PM @ Quest University – Squamish

The maker movement is sweeping the globe with unprecedented innovation and creativity. With hacker and maker groups forming in every major city, these DIYers are now a global community, sharing not only WHAT they do, but in most cases HOW they do it–blueprints included. Sharing and making underlies the philosophy of the makerspaces–so that’s what we’re gonna do!

The March Inside Edge Connect! event is “Making and Makers.” If you’re a maker, hacker or want to learn what these people do, come to our event and join in the conversation… and make something! This will be a workshop based event with kits available for attendees to build and take home. We’ll chat about the philosophy of makerspaces, take a look at some of the tools for making and roll up our sleeves and build!

The evening will begin with a brief presentation from local makers about what, how and why they are active members in this global self-realizing movement. After some Q A and show and tell, we’ll break out into groups to “Make stuff.”
We’re also looking for any makers in the Sea to Sky to come to the Connect! meetup at Quest and bring their projects to showcase diy creativity. There is a local group looking to form a hacker/maker space in Squamish and they will speak briefly to why a hacker/maker space in Squamish can only be a good thing and how you can get involved in monthly meetups.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Some resources of interest…

How to Make more Makers – Why it Matters
“We can find all kinds of makers in our communities. Yet we also want to help create more makers. Through education and community outreach, we can offer the opportunity to make things to more people, but particularly children. They might find these opportunities at school but also at community centers, summer camps and science centers, or even at home. My goal is that all people, young and old, come to see themselves as makers, creators and doers because I know that the people who have the skills and knowledge to make things have the power to make the world a better place.”
Dale Dougherty is the publisher and founder of MAKE magazine and the creator of Maker Faire.

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2011

Vancouver Hackspace

Make Magazine
A diy community makers making how-to manuals for making.
A proving ground for DIY and maker products: get sponsorship, go commercial with your product/project.

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