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11 Mar

Nibbling at Nita

There’s a place I know where the locals should go,

But it is the travellers who have learned to be.

Relaxed fireside chats are where it’s at,

And the lakeside view is most definitely for me.

Don’t worry…..I am not looking to break in to song, but the atmosphere of Cure Lounge at Nita Lake Lodge could certainly instigate it. Tucked away lakeside, I have discovered this to be an ideal location for a quiet business lunch, or escape from the regular frantic village buzz. Visiting this oasis a few times before for après drinks, I admittedly had a bit of a crush on the cozy ambience and knew it was only a matter of timing as to when I would get the opportunity to taste The Cure. You see, I am as guilty as any other for falling in to my “tried and true” locales. For working lunch, it is usually sushi with a side of free parking. For entertaining friends at dinner we choose a spot that will appease all palates and is unique to Whistler style. And it pretty much a guarantee that we will select a location within walking distance of home. But realistically, we Whistlerites are blessed with convenience and no where is too far. And Cure Lounge is a reminder that exploring beyond your regime can be rewarded.

While the daily soups – always offering one meat and one vegetarian version – are mirrored in the Fix Cafe for a quicker option, the lounge serves up hearty locally sourced items like the Big Salad stuffed with grilled vegetables, egg, back bacon, grilled chicken, roasted beets and chunks of white cheddar. The tangy herb vinegarette showcased perfectly why fresh ingredients matter. On this cold and blustery March day, I was quick to choose the spicy black bean and roasted tomato soup eluding lip-licking scents from the kitchen.

Chef Owen Foster definitely takes pride in his craft and offering as shown in my bowl of warmth. Locally sourced for his kitchen means directly from their rooftop garden, to the tables beneath. Creative ventures like the Shrimpwich on Sourdough peaked my interest and will have to be sampled on another occasion to be sure. As local foodies know, Nita Lake Lodge is renowned for it’s house cured meats – hence the name “Cure” – which can be enjoyed thanks to the ever popular Charcuterie board – priced per person. Whether it be to snuggle by the fire with a fine glass of BC vino and  local artisan cheeses, or to devour a bowl of fresh shucked oysters in a thyme mignonette over good conversation, try something out of your comfortable box the next time you need a Cure.


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