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10 Mar

Let the Kids Go Medieval at Science World this Spring Break: March 10-25

Photo credit: HABA

I hate to sound like an old coot, but . . . boy, kids these days really have it nice.  There are tons of creative, innovative spring break offerings around town this month designed to keep bodies and minds active and engaged (Check out Dana’s great post for a complete list).

And one of the best has to be Medieval Mayhem, an interactive celebration of all things medieval going on at Science World from March 10-25.  From lessons on catapulting to Knight School, there are plenty of activities to keep the aspiring Lord or Lady out there busy on his/her spring break.  Here’s a complete rundown:

For the hands-on, artsy-craftsy types, a few special creation stations have been set up around Science World.  At the Dyson Innovation Lab, learn how to transform household items like spoons and rubber bands into super-powered catapults (I’m sure mom will love that idea).  You can also build cardboard-box fortresses and blast them over with air bazookas (Did they have those in the Middle Ages?).

Less aggressive crafts include crown-making (make one and wear yours home), as well as a a hands-on seminar called Pocket Full of Posies, where you can make satchets of herbs and plants just like they did in olden times to ward off plague.

Photo credit: Chris Doucette | Flickr

Complementing these craft sessions are a series of interactive seminars on medieval life and times.  Learn about archery and alchemy (March 17-18); meet falcons and other raptors and discover their role in medieval hunting (March 11); and try your hand at basket weaving (March 13).

There’s even a special Knight School, where King Arthur will offer a crash course on knightly skills ranging from sword fighting to tax collecting (March 20-23).  Speaking of swords, kids can also learn about the physics of sword fighting and how to choreograph fight scenes with Sword Master Braun McAsh and his impressive collection of weaponry (March 12-15).

Medieval Mayhem is on at Science World from March 10-25 (Please note: Some events are only offered at specific times on specific days).  For a complete schedule of events and times, check out the Science World website.

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