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9 Mar

WIA Art: Struggle is the Artist’s Way

Hello Artistas!
Welcome to W.I.A Arts for another fun filled week!

Ohhhh boy!  Might as well start off with the wonderful piece that is written about me in the Pique this week!  First, I would like to thank Michel Beaudry for writing the piece and also for getting to know me a bit.  I also thank him for his patience when it comes to the topic of my art.  Some are tolerant of my take on things, some are not and I’m cool with that.  That is the topic I am going to touch on today; difference of opinion and rejection.

I guess that getting turned down has got to be one of the worst feelings an artist can face, or, hearing someone disapproving of your particular style.  If that were the case, than the arts world would not be where it is today.  Same like me, many times during my career I have heard people talking about my art in a negative way; I have also been censored, not approved or just ignored from countless art shows in my time.  A while ago in Whistler I used to say that I got censored or refused entry into more art shows than I got into.  I laugh when I think of those days.  Some were dark.  I have learned to live with that and let that be a part that drives me.  If I worried about what others thought, well, I probably would not show my art anymore.  Again, it’s part of the process, rejection that is.  Learning and growing from those comments is what makes us progress and delve deeper in our own creative spirit.

The ardor that is part of the artist’s world is one of the most important parts to me.  Sure art can be easy, but with a good conflict or challenge one can produce a stronger piece or body of work.  Struggle has long been a part of the artist’s way, like making money.

There is an article by a local painter in the Pique this week that is quite good; the only thing in regards to the piece that I may say is that not everyone is looking for the same outcome from their arts.  Sure, I would like to make more money at doing what I am doing, with me, I just don’t care about the money that much.  Don’t worry, I am not stupid, more money would be nice – it just doesn’t bother me that much; I make art, whether for myself or a specific market.  That is what I think we should do!  Make art!  If you wanna make money at art, go ahead, take some courses to maximize your financial possibilities, learn how to market your self better, join more groups…. whatever it takes, just do it.  Or…… just make art for the fun of it.

Please check out the piece on me in the Pique this week and stay tuned for part 2 next week. Thank you again Michel.

Other arty news:  It is the time of month when Stephen Vogler puts on his fantastic Art-mic-night!  This coming weeks guests are Scott Mitchell with his spoken word piece and saxaphoning skills, Mike Carter and his amazing folk, punk fusion, gooo Mikey!   This month’s installment finds us celebrating the hosts’ birthday!!  Join us in wishing Stephen an awesome birthday as he and Rajan Daas serenade us into contentedness, Thursday, March 15th, 8pm, Doc Branigans, upstairs. See you there!

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