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25 Jun

No Reservations

Tara enjoying Araxi’s amazing outdoor patio

There seems to be a new trend in the restaurant world….no reservations. Usually establishments that make this stipulation do so in an attempt to welcome all people and shed the exclusivity of those who require planning ahead. Ironically the rule pairs with celebrity-chef-owned venues and therefore emits a form of panic to those trying desperately to taste their wares.

Jamie Oliver’s in Sydney, for instance, has people dropping their names with the hostess two hours before they actually want to enter the hallowed doors. Vij’s in Vancouver garners a line up around the block for those craving his creative curries. Relaxed and approachable? Not to anyone who hates line-ups.

So then considering the prestige and demand of many of Whistler’s finest plates, why has this trend not taken over? Is it that places such as Araxi, SideCut and Bearfoot Bistro actually want to put on airs? Not likely. Is it an appreciation perhaps of the short term clientele and that they can’t just simply return on another, less busy night? Maybe.

Sure, I enjoy the freedom of walking up to whatever flavors call out to me moments before, but honestly let’s add one more point of rationale to the list–winding around the corner of Pitt St and Hunter in Sydney’s January to visit Jamie is quite a different experience than in Village Square! My extremities thank you for taking reservations!

Araxi’s fresh fare

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