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23 Jan

Preview of La Poutine Week 2016 in Montréal

It’s that time of year again. That time when people reconsider the feasibility of their New Year’s resolutions and throw their arms in the air in ravenous abandon to indulge in a weeklong cheat meal from their new diet regimens to celebrate the fourth annual “La Poutine Week.” From February 1 to 7, over 40 restaurants in Montréal celebrate our unofficial-official national dish, the poutine, concocting signature dishes with adventurous ingredients to top the humble dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy to create one of a kind poutines.

Poutine weekFor the first time ever, the 2016 edition of La Poutine Week will introduce “La Passe Poutine” a variable “frequent eater” pass (bracelet) that, when purchased, will entitle the wearer to a 15% discount on La Poutine Week specialties at selected participating restaurants. The kicker is that it may be used an unlimited amount of times throughout the week-long festival! La Passe Poutine will be available for purchase online or at the following locations: Miss Prêt à Manger (1104 Bleury Street), Chez Boris (5151 Parc Avenue), and People Mover Technologies Headquarters (485 McGill Street, suite 400).

This homegrown phenomenon has grown into an international love of poutine, and “poutine week” has amassed a following in countries around the world. This year restaurants in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, France and the United Kingdom will be participating and celebrating La Poutine Week for the first time.

Co-founder and poutine enthusiast Na’eem Adam explains, “Our model encourages people to experience new places and visit different parts of their city. Our mission is to stimulate businesses in cities based on this fun, delicious, and adventurous idea.”

With restaurants spanning the entire city – and beyond, he adds, “Every participating restaurant has greatly benefited from our festival as many restaurants have been known to run out of food and make record sales during La Poutine Week!”

And now, without further ado, to tantalize your deepest, most-cheesiest curd cravings, here are a few participating restaurants and their delectable poutine creations you can discover during La Poutine Week.

Bar Brutus“Old Fashioned Poutine”, Bar Brutus – 1290 Beaubien Street East

A classic poutine made with Jim Beam bourbon-infused cheese topped with Jim Beam bourbon poutine sauce, Angostura and orange zest.

Baton Rouge“Lobster Poutine”, Bâton Rouge Steakhouse Bar – multiple locations

Signature fries, lobster chunks and cheese curds.

Biiru“Hyottoko’s Poutine”, Biiru – 433 City Councillors Street

Sweet potato fries, white miso gravy, cheese curds, tempura flakes, teriyaki-glazed pulled pork, toasted sesame oil, kizami nori and togarashi.

Bofinger“Bo Poutine Burger”, Bofinger Parc – 5145 Parc Avenue

A grilled triple-A beef patty, sandwiched between two French fry “buns” topped off with cheese curds and their signature peppercorn poutine sauce. Vegetarians may replace the beef patty with a Portobello mushroom cap at no extra cost.

Brit and Chips“Fish ‘n Chip Poutine”, Brit Chips – multiple locations

Poutine battered sole with chips smothered in gravy and cheese curds.

Dirty Dogs“The Mac Attack”, Dirty Dogs – 25 Mont Royal Avenue East

Fresh cut fries, homemade gravy and cheese curds, topped with their famous four-cheese mac cheese, fried smoked bacon and green onions.

Faberge“Chocolate Breakfast Poutine”, Fabergé – 25 Fairmount Avenue East

Potatoes, cheese, hollandaise, mole and coffee-rubbed macreuse steak topped with a perfectly poached egg.

Le Gras Dur“Le Poutine Tousqui”, Le Gras Dur – 1660 Jarry Street East

Fries, cheese curds, homemade sauce and smoked bacon stuffed with Swiss cheese, chicken schnitzel and braised cabbage.

Les Enfants Terribles“Poutine Bourguinon”, Les Enfants Terribles – multiple locations

Fried baked potato mixed with beef bourguignon short ribs and truffled cheese.

Les Soeurs Grises“Poutine LA TOTALE”, Bistro-Brasserie Les Sœurs Grises – 32 McGill Street

Potato hash browns cooked in duck fat, mixed with pulled pork barbeque sauce and maple syrup, with a slice of Charlevoix cheese and sour cream.

Restaurant Chez Chose“L’Expos-Go”, Chez Chose – 1879 Belanger Street

Homemade pogo on Yukon gold fries and award-winning Zacharie Cloutier cheese topped with yellow mustard gravy in honour of the Montréal Expos.

Rosalie“Jerk Chicken Poutine”, Rosalie – 1232 de la Montagne Street

Jerk spiced organic chicken, Québec cheese curds, braised oxtail gravy and scotch bonnet aioli.

Pub Brewskey“BreWskey Poutine”, Pub BreWskey – 380 Saint Paul Street West

Yellow and sweet potato fries and cheese curds covered with veal and beer gravy, topped with caramelized onions, pulled bison braised in dark beer, and finished with beer-fried shallots.


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