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3 Mar

Stride & Glide Sports BC Biathlon Championships

 Whistler Olympic Park – March 2 to 4th. This year the Callaghan Winter Sports Club has hosted three Recreational Biathlon events and a promotional Mock Biathlon last Friday but the centerpiece of this year’s biathlon calendar is the Stride and Glide Sports BC Biathlon Championships on March 2—4. This will include both competitive categories for the professional and recreational categories (where anyone can compete!)

We encourage you to drive up to Whistler Olympic Park and watch the real thing. Check out how to see how it’s done and then sign up for the Recreational Event immediately following the competition on both Saturday and Sunday!

Whistler Olympic Park hosted the Nordic events for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and is North America’s most modern facility for Nordic competitions. Once you pass the entrance gate keep going right to the very end of the road, past the Day Lodge and its parking lots to the Biathlon Parking Lot. It is at the very end of the road!

See you this weekend !

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