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3 Mar

T.A.G. – Art, Art And More Art, yeahhh

It may not be art, but it certainly made me happy!

Hello friends.

Wow, is it that hard to really pick a day for an upcoming show or what? Here is my dilemma. I have one of my shows coming up at the end of the month at the Whistler Brewery. The only question is… what day to hold it on. You see,  my days off are on Thursday and Saturday, the brewery is closed on Sunday and the TELUS World Ski Snowboard Festival is coming up in the middle of the month. Hmmmm. So far we are slated for the 31st of March, which sounds good, but, I am thinking of changing the date again to possibly to coincide with TWSSF. Should I or shouldn’t I?

This may sound trivial, I assure you it is not. Opening a show on the wrong night can kill the event and let’s face it, you are going to make your money on the opening night and the press you get will be the best for sure. Who wants to cover a show that is almost finished it’s run or has already been on for a week. Don’t forget if there are other events going, they could hinder or help. In the case of TWSSF, well, that might be a conflicting event. Hmmm, piggyback or not. Hmmm again. I think I will keep it on the 31st, for now, hahaha, who knows, I will consult with gran pappy Petko on his take and snap, we gonna have ourselves an art show. Whew.

I don’t usually write about techy art stuff but hey, this is my column and I couldn’t help not writing about this new Lytro camera. It seems to be a new way of photographing with a new type of camera! Hmmm again. You have to form your own opinion. All I can say is that yes, I want one. It does seem interesting and fun to play with. You will have to make your own judgement on it. It seems a little pricey, but, it is the first gen, so…  maybe in the near future the price will come down.  Take a look at the photo examples and make up your own mind on a new toy, I mean tool.

Well well, is it almost spring? Yup. TWSSF time. I have showcased my work in a few of the megolithic  art shows previously and I hope this is another year for me to display more of my take on things. If you are thinking of applying, sorry, deadlines done for this year. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the art when it’s here, maybe you can use it as a guide for next year and to make sure you got your art ready early. Speaking like this gives me hope also. As every year it is a juried selection process and I have not been chosen yet this year. Let us keep our fingers crossed for me. My idea this year is very cool and unique. I will not elaborate, but again reiterate how cool it is. Wish me luck.

Today is also an exciting day, for I am executing a portion of my photos for the brewery show. As I mentioned previously, my take on the theme industrial is a little different than most and will be interesting to many I hope. The light is great! The gear is cleaned and ready to go. The only other thing required is for me to press the shutter when I am happy with the framing.

It’s a beautiful day!  Get shooting!


ps, don’t forget to clean your lens.

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