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2 Nov

T.A.G. – Hello fans of the unconventional

I turned this image in to a mask I wore at our Halloween art show and the Fomo Show, creepy huh?

Hello fans of the non-conventional!! Get ready to be 3-D’ed! yup.

Well, well, well. If it isn’t time to set up another art show and have a grand opening! Yup. It has taken some time for the show to actually come to the point of hanging but, today is the day. My second instalment in the wine box realm is mostly ready. Almost thirty artists were given wooden wine boxes with the theme, Issue. The majority of artists are from the Sea to Sky corridor with the exception of Maria Sandner, from Nelson, Chris Crites from Seattle, aka and Monty Montgomery from San Diego.

Other local artist are the usual crew, Pep, Doid, The Incredible Amoeba, Andrea Mueller, Doerte Barker, Taka Sudo, Ian Legris, Sophie Collins, Stan Matywchuck and Hayley Wirsching. This particular show had me ask some artists that are not shown around town or have not participated in many of my events. I feel very fortunate to have Adrian Raeside in the show as I really love his wit and style.

Les Anthony and girlfriend Asta Kovanen are in the show as well. Les is a writer by trade and Asta is a textile and texture Queen! Her piece is wild!! Other artists that I am super stoked to have in the show are newcomers, Joel Loverin, Emily Haggar, Mike Riccardi and his wild stylings, Niki Drury and Bruce Rowles, who is primarily known as a photographer around town.

Funny to learn that Bruce was trained as a graphic artist before he did the switch. Last but by no means is woodworker/carpenter supreme, Joe Baker! You may have not heard his name bandied around town but I am sure that is going to change soon as his piece literally brought a tear to my eye! Thank you Joe and artists for making this one of the best shows I have curated! Thank you very much and can’t wait for the opening. Which will be on November the 7 at the Scotia Creek Gallery upstairs of  Millennium Place, Whistler! The night will start at 7pm and go till 10pm. Artists will be on hand. Come check out some real 3-D art by real people!



With a bit of sadness I must announce some unfortunate art news. Some of you would say “good” while others might say “darn”. I was not chosen to have a top sheet in the upcoming line of 2013 Prior Skis and boards. I am a little bummed as I thought my friends and strangers would have rallied behind the little poo font that could but I guess I am mistaken. Oh well. Such as the life of an artist. You win some and you definitely lose some. It’s ok cuz I will make Shitstiks 2.0 this year. There will be poo font sticker graphics available for your skis and boards directly from me soon. Stay tuned.

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