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13 Oct

T.A.G. Writing is a Wonderful Ride

Hello Whistler and World, How are you?

A good friend on a walk through the park. Photo by Arne.

It is a wonderful ride I am on.  The one of writing the art blog for Whistler is Awesome.   I spoke previously about my time here and the fun that it is.   Also, the challenges. In this case, it is my background in writing.  You may ask what that is and I will tell you, zero, zilch.  Besides enjoying reading and staying half awake in english class during high school thats about it.  Sure I had a stint at writing music reviews for a music magazine in Toronto but that dosn’t really count.  Example.  The new Bieber album sucks.  See, not so hard at all and anyone can do it.   Cheeky Arne.

What I have found challenging is not so much my own inabilities (though limited they are) but also the base of topics in Whistler.  Sure I can learn and am learning about the writing process, it is also the subject matter.  Some times I just felt a little hesitant to write about my artistic exploits.  Then I thought about it and said, “You know what?”  My art does matter and I am in some really creative circles that need there voices heard.  I am that little mouthpiece.  With the help of my friends, mentors, guides and gurus, I will continue to write in my own funny way about the art happenings in our glorious mountain town.  Sharing the stories and events of other like minded individuals so that all can enjoy their endeavors.

Since I am giving a disclaimer of sorts to my writing style I thought I would talk of some of the imagery I use to accompany my piece.  I have always found my style of photography to be a different take on life and my surroundings.  Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate bears and beautiful landscapes with the best of them, I just prefer the abstract, non-sensical, whimsical and hard to peg types.  You can see that by looking at my previous posts and get a feel for it, or not.  I will have some other photo news in regards to the photos used here in the future.

Ok, so, there must be a reason that Arne is apologizing of sorts about his writing styles.  Of course.  It is to safe face in the wake of this weekend writers festival and Pecha Kucha.  All my local literary heroes will be there.  Sharing there insights and knowledge with all who wish to learn.  The festival has some great workshops and meet and great events that sound just awesome!  Can’t wait.  All the info you need is at   I hope to see you there as it will be a great learning adventure.  I am sure.

Also, Stephen Vogler has some fall workshops at the Point that I wanted to share with you all.   This fall series is all about the performing arts and the written word.
Awesome!!  Thank you Stephen!!

cheers until next week and don’t forget to ask for a little snow before you go to bed!


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