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23 Feb

The Proof: Borgi Rayen

After the “life style change of divorce” I moved to Whistler with my 2 younger daughters.  After a while and some soul-searching, my passion and hobbies became my job.  I love to create and absolutely enjoy living in Whistler with all its natural beauty and outdoor activities.  During the summer, I spend more time in my studio creating jewelry for the Farmers market, while during the winter months I spend more time catering in people’s homes.  I love to prepare meals for families or small gatherings, which still leaves me time to ski and enjoy Whistler.


The Photos

01 A pearl bracelet looks well with jeans too.
02 My favourite place, my studio.
03 Caged pearls, wrapped in silver wire.
04 Summer fun on the boat with my best friend.
05 My extended summer (November) in Costa Rica.
06 Uniform.
07 Enjoying a new dump of snow.
08 Table set for an intimate dinner party.


The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Creekside, on Olive Terrace.

What do you do and where?
I am a personal chef and designer of jewelry.

What are you working on?
On the jewelry side, I am creating a new line of Zodiac Jewelry for a client in Toronto.  On the catering side, I have a few nice dinners for clients on my calendar.

Where can we find your work?
At Ruby Tuesday, OC2, Open Country and of course in my Studio by appointment 604-932 2468 or 604-967-2568,

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