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6 Dec

This Week’s Featured Vancouverite: Corinne Lea

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

How long have you been a Vancouverite? Since I was 5

An entrepreneur. I’m in retail fashion with Scout Boutique and am also the theatre owner and operator of Rio Theatre.

Favourite place in the city: East Vancouver!

Best way to spend a Saturday in the city: Riding your bike, meeting friends on the Drive or spending time eating, drinking and shopping on Main Street.

Favourite Vancouver restaurant:
The Whip is my favorite neighbourhood restaurant. You can go there on your own any time, since you will always see friends and/or meet new ones. This spot has a fun and casual attitude. The service and food is good too, and it’s perfect for summer patio drinks.

Top insider tip for visitors:
The Narrow Lounge is the coolest hideaway bar that has no sign, just a small red light with a rusty door. No tourists would ever find it, so I love taking my out of town friends there.

I also tell everyone about Wreck Beach—there is no nudist beach like it in the world. The nudist community are a bunch of free thinking creative anarchists so it’s like you’re not in Vancouver anymore, but in some exotic world where people do what they want like sunbathing and swimming with no clothes on! Naked vendors come to you and sell beer, margaritas and fresh coconuts, among other things. People play music, dance around, skim board, and everyone is very friendly. Even textiles (a nickname for people who keep their swimsuits on) like to go to Wreck Beach, but no looky-loos are welcome. The only thing that’s hard to do at Wreck Beach is read a book, since all of those naked people having fun are a little distracting!

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