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27 Dec

This Week’s Featured Vancouverite: Jill Barber

Hometown: Port Credit, ON

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
It’s been just over 3 years since I followed my heart to Vancouver, and a year and a half since I married a Vancouverite.

I am a songwriter, modern day torch singer, and touring musician. I am currently on a national tour in support of my latest record, Mischievous Moon.

Favourite Vancouver event:
My favourite community event is the Rain City Chronicles, an evening of storytelling, where regular folks share extraordinary stories, all based on a theme. The event takes place every other month in venues around the city. This month, the theme was “Duty Calls”, and it was held at the Grandview Legion Hall. I was the musical guest. I always leave feeling inspired, and connected to the community. The next one will be in January!

Best place to take an out-of-town guest:
To the top of Grouse Grind, or the bottom of Lynn Canyon.

Favourite Vancouver memory:
The Vancouver Olympics. It was the first time that I felt a great sense of pride for this city, and everywhere I went, people were smiling (as tends to happen when the sun comes out). It was also the biggest gig that I’d ever played, at the Live City stage in Yaletown. It was a huge thrill to play for thousands of cheering fans. A real rockstar moment.

Best way to spend $100 in Vancouver:
I’d pick up a bottle of Okanagan Blue Mountain Brut ($33), some Fraser Valley Farm House Castle Blue ($10), throw down a picnic blanket in English Bay and watch the sunset with my husband (and save the rest for a rainy day).

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