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24 Sep

Whis Foodie: Weekend Field Trips

Headed East? Perhaps, like me you have been so overcome by this extended summer weather that a fall foliage road trip has taken priority. Why not after all? It’s easy to see why BC is marketed as Supernatural as you wind along highway 99 North bound for lakes, riverside picnics and Okanagan fruitopia.

But be forewarned, while road bares endless picture perfect panoramics, it’s bounty of of picnic basket ingredients is lacking. Lillooet seemed like an ideal first stop in the early breakfast hours but sadly the grocery store doesn’t yield it’s doors until 9am. Not so surprising really.

On to Lytton – but apparently I spoke too soon as on a Saturday morning no matter how brightly the sun is shining, it is a 10am openning in this sleepy town.  And don’t be fooled by the Jade Springs seemingly oasis of respite. A no go as well cafe promised or not.

bliss bakery peachland

This is where I realized how spoiled Whistler has made me. But just as the width of your driving lane broadens at Merritt, so do your options for nourishment. One would assume to find sushi pretty much in every BC town and while the ocean is far behind, two massive signs point out it’s where-abouts here. Of course the Visitor Centre is alive with curious travellers but the little snack stop seems to be literally feeding their needs. Homemade samosas are a must here I take it.

And as if this was a shore to shore excursion, my trail leads to Bliss Bakery on Beach Ave in Peachland where care and hospitality comes in the form of a decadently creative array of soups, breads, sandwiches and afternoon treats. Yes, while Whistler may spoil us for convenience and diversity sometimes it is worth a drive to be reminded.

bliss bakery, peachland

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